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Steve (Eun Kyu) Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac (Ottawa, ON)



Steve (Eun Kyu) Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac.

Registered TCM Practiioner, Acupuncturist (ON)

Affiliated with Ottawa Fertility Centre


"Welcome to Neolife Acupuncture & Oriental medicine Center!

My mission is to provide excellent service in my patient care. I am committed to consistently offering patients the safest and most effective acupuncture and Oriental Medicine treatments.

I Believe that each of my patients deserves special care and I strive to help all of my patients attain their highest level of physical and mental well-being. 

I focus on whole body healing and often combine Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure and other complementary medical modalities with the acupuncture treatments. 

If you have questions or concerns as to whether or not acupuncture treatments can help with your special problem, please feel free to give me a call or eMail me. I will provide you with the assistance that you need in a prompt, courteous, and professional manner." 

Specialized in...


 IVF Support (Affiliated with Ottawa Fertility Centre)

Women's Health

 Menopausal Syndrome


  Pain Relief

Acne and Skin Problems

Pregnancy Issues (Morning Sickness, Breech, Delayed Labor) 

Please call for appointments:



Neoife Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Center
   2211 Riverside Dr. Suite 106
  Ottawa, ON K1H 7X5

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